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Diamonds Don't Come in Colours Like These!

Diamond 3 Stone Ring #3533 with Orange Diamond
Natural Fancy Orange Diamond in Three Stone Ring

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds For Serious Diamond Buyers
We are pleased to offer a small selection of loose - unmounted - natural fancy coloured diamonds.
All our natural fancy coloured diamonds we list will be accompanied by a certificate from an independent gemmological laboratory.

Pink Diamonds
Judging from the number of enquiries we get for pink diamonds, some pop star must have recently been reported as having acquired a pink diamond. If you would like a natural fancy coloured pink diamond of, say, one carat, be prepared to pay about a million pounds for it! We have recently bought a small parcel of pink diamonds of between 0.16 and 0.29 carats, and are hoping to source more soon.

Brown Diamonds

Black Diamonds
Black diamonds are currently being "hyped" into fashion. Despite this, we have a few available at reasonable prices, together with our usual conservative advice.

Red Diamonds
These are extremely rare and expensive, but we have a page about them.

Other Colours
Others colours also occur naturally, although there are also treated of enhanced diamonds available in many different colours. Please take a look at the following pages:-

Blue Diamonds
Green Diamonds
Orange Diamonds
Yellow Diamonds

WeightShapeColourClarityCertCommentsPrice Price $
0.53Round BrilliantOrangeP2EGLIn Ring£Ask$Ask
0.44Round BrilliantPurplish Red GIAUnmounted£Ask$Ask

Key to Table
Weight = Weight in carats.
Shape = Shape and cut.
Colour = Colour, usually on GIA scale.
Clarity = Clarity, usually on GIA scale.
Cert = Laboratory issuing the certificate.
Price = Total price in pounds sterling, including VAT.

For other unmounted diamonds, please see our Unmounted Diamonds page.

For other unmounted gemstones, please see our Unmounted Gemstones page.

More to follow soon the Lowest Possible Price

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