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Coin Dealers, Jewellers, Diamond Ring Manufacturers
We have 3 main "parts" of our business. Coins and diamond rings may not seem to have much in common, but they are all articles where fine quality can be important to the connoisseur.

Coin Dealers
This was the starting point of our business. Coin dealers are known as professional numismatists.
Coins appeal to collectors for many different reasons. These include history, the appreciation of sculptural and medallic art, the acquisition of rare and valuable objects.

But we are not an "ordinary" jeweller. We do not like to be thought of as a jewellery shop. Sure, we do have a showroom, which is open to the public, which means we allow most people in.
So what makes us into a "different" jeweller?
In one sense, it's what we don't sell:-
For a start, we don't sell watches, most jewellery shops devote half their display to watches. the only watches we sell tend to be second-hand, and either made of precious metal, or possess some other collectable feature.
We also don't sell gifts, glassware, cutlery, figurines, etc.
We sell very little silver jewellery.
We don't sell cheap lightweight 9 carat gold jewellery.
We don't have a large selection of cheap stone set dress rings.
We don't advertise repairs, re-modelling , or watch battery fitting, although strangely enough we now provide these services, we just keep quiet about them.

That's a long list of "don'ts", so what do we sell?
The gold jewellery which we stock and sell has to have the following attributes:
It must be well designed, and well made.
It must be attractive.
We prefer it to be in 18 carat gold, but we do also sell 9 carat.
We must be able to offer it for substantially less than retail price.
It must represent good value.
It must be problem free, we don't like problems and complaints.

Diamond Ring Designers
Since about 1980, we have been assembling our own diamond rings, mainly so that we could produce them at lower cost, and pass on the savings to our customers, and increase our sales.
At first, we bought in most of our mounts, but started to design our own, because our customers were looking for better quality, heavier rings.
We only produce diamond rings in 18 carat gold, or platinum. We don't believe that 9 carat gold is good enough, or strong enough, to use for diamond rings.
We don't try to produce "cheap" diamond rings. What we aim to make are quality products, which we can sell for prices comparable to lower quality goods elsewhere.
In other words, we aim to provide good value. the Lowest Possible Price

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